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Learn and study Islam from the comfort of your own homes.

“Sons of Islam everywhere, the establishment of the rule of Allah on earth is a duty” (Shahid Ahmed Yassin)

Demand for Islamic education across Europe is growing fast. Unfortunately many countries are doubling their efforts in order to block the access to Islamic studies for millions of Muslims and others. The Ahmed Yassin Institute, the first digital Islamic School, is here to help our Umah to flourish despite the obstacles in the way.

The Institute, named after the great Shahid Ahmed Yassin, follows his values and the values of Yûsuf Al-Qaradâwî and Hassan el-Benna, tends towards teaching the true and beautiful percepts of the purest Islam that exists.

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Our Courses

The Quran is a divine book brought down from heaven to the Prophet Mohammad (SAW), and its message is the key to heaven. Join the Ahemd Yassin Institute and discover the religion and the sacred book that is the word of Allah.

Courses at our Institute will teach you various aspects of Islam. The courses will bring you in depth knowledge of the Muslim world and the meaning of the purest form of Islam brought to you by the best scholars in Arabic and English.

Along with some other topics:
  • Pleading allegiance to the Caliphate
  • Defending the Prophet – and free speech
  • The Concept of brotherhood in Islam.
  • Service to Humanity
  • Natural Disasters or Divine Punishment?
  • Prayers of the Holy Prophet
  • Victory of Islam
  • The Sources of Islamic Law

About Us

The Sheikh Ahmed Yassin Institute is dedicated in helping our Ummah and those interested to achieve excellence in Islamic studies. We focus on providing our students with a holistic education and teach them how to follow by the book the precepts of Islam.

These are life¬long skills will help you foster and develop an Islamic way of living in order to complete your Islamic obligations.

Courses are taught by Instructors who have received instruction in various disciplines from institutions of learning across the globe.

Classes at our digital school are very similar to regular classes that can be attended at any mosque or institute and in many cases are superior to physical classes.

At the end of each course students will have to pass an exam in order to access the next level of studies. Once all three courses are finished a global test will be issued to each student who will get at the end an Islamic Studies Certificate signed by the Ahmed Yassin Institute.

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