Stage 1

During the first stage, students will learn that Islam is not a new religion, rather a religion that has been established since the Prophethood. The definition of Islam, Īmān and Iḥsān will be explained in depth and each pillar will be examined through the lens of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Additionally, students will study ritual purification and ṣalāh beginning a study of the Islamic law of worship, which will continue during the second stage of our course.

Six Articles of Eaman

Eeman or Faith is the foundation of Islam, Eeman means our acceptance of all the beliefs, which constitute the Islamic Faith. These are defined in one of the Traditions of the Holy Prophet of Islam, the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

The Six Articles of Islamic Faith mentioned in the above tradition are as follows:

  1. Belief in Allah (One God)
  2. Belief in Angels of Allah
  3. Belief in Books of Allah
  4. Belief in Prophets of Allah
  5. Belief in the Last Day
  6. Belief in the Decree of Allah

The first five Articles of Faith are mentioned together in different chapters of the Holy Qur’an (2:178, 4:137), while the sixth article is mentioned separately in other chapters (57:23).

Islamic Philosophy of Life

Allah is the Creator and the Master of all of us. Therefore, He alone can appoint a purpose for us.

Thus according to Islam, the purpose of man’s creation is the understanding and worship of Allah with complete devotion to Him. We can achieve this goal if:-

Our Allah, the Gracious, has bestowed upon us all the necessary faculties to fulfil these conditions of Islam. Thus we achieve nearness to Allah, and lead a happy and peaceful life on earth.

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